About Us

Idaho Backpacks. Functional. Well Built. Durable.

Established in 2007, Anderson Supply Co. is an Idaho based Backpack Company motivated by smart SIMPLE design and uncompromising attention to detail. We have created this pack with the desire to adventure in the fresh air. Most importantly I am committed to make YOU a product that will last a lifetime! I handmake every single pack. There is no machine involved other than my trusty industrial sewing machines. I do not outsource any part of my process to China. Many of my fabrics and plastic components are Made in the USA.

We are a small family brand. We are Patriotic American's who will never bend a knee to the woke and evil leftist mobs taking over The United States of America. We will never sacrifice our morals, values or faith to make a Sale. We have been through the ringer on Social Media and in our local community for standing tall, loud and proud. We won't stop. Courage is contagious....